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Just a friend or a girlfriend

Just a friend or a girlfriend

Do you want a friend or something more serious

If you are like many guys, the last thing you wanted to hear from a woman that you are attracted to is  “Let’s just be friends.”  You need to take the opportunity to let her know that you are more than a wimpy nice guy from the very moment you meet her.  You want to take the opportunity to let her see your charm and personality.  If you miss the opportunity, she may think of you as just a friend and you will have a much harder time to convince her that you are the man for her.  So act fast, do what you need to do, and never hear these dreaded words ever again!  Don’t forget to read more about the art of charm in the following article by clicking on charm.

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The art of charm in dating

The art of charm in dating

The Art of Charm

It’s really appealing to someone  if you if you can let that person know that you feel good about them, without requesting something in return or embarrassing them.  It’s the art of charm.  The following checklist should help you accomplish your goals:

- Always look into someone’s eyes when speaking to them. – Take time to compliment.  Consider what it would it take to make you feel complimented, and do the same to others. – Be sincere. It is strongest when you believe what you’re saying. – Be selfless. there is no need to ask for anything in return. – Remember that charm is sharing warmth; it isn’t sexual. – Can you say to another that “You are terrific. Thank you for letting me bask in your glow.”

You should practice the art of charm so it becomes part of your personality and not forced or rehearsed.  Consider a number of people you might practice on including possibly your mother, sister, dad, friends, or even your pet.  Take note how charming people may be in return.

Setting the stage

A woman may not know you are interested in her so you must make her aware of it.  If she is not aware, then nothing will likely ever happen.  The risk is yours to take and where to.  First, find the woman that you are interested in meeting, wherever you may be.  The more time you have to concentrate on her, the better success you may have.  If you do not focus on her and you look around too much, she may get the message you are looking for someone else to meet or be with.  Once you have found her, begin by looking for body language signs, such as eye contact, a smile, hair touching, etc.  If the signs are there from her, then you want to make the first move.  Don’t just continue eyeballing the woman or she may move on or consider you a deviant.

Okay, you started a conversation.  Now you should try to keep the conversation going and keep the focus on her with questions showing your interest in her without becoming too prying.  Remember you have just met her so keep your conversation light, focused to her, and avoid sex-related questions.  Talk about her likes, movies, or even the current awkward situation. Let her ask you questions about yourself if she wants but let her open that door.  If she does, remember to be brief and move the focus back to her. If the conversation deepens, why not tell her you would be interested in keeping in contact with her, and ask for a phone number!

The Next Step

The first phone call should be at a few days after your first meeting. Tell her how much fun you had with her  and how impressed you were with her personality. Remember the art of charm in dating.  Keep the first call relatively short -  not more than 15 minutes.  Wouldn’t you rather be meting with her over the next date and talking to her face to face for a few hours rather than just over the phone for two hours. Remember to end the first phone call first. If she ends the conversation, the ball is in her court. The conversation should end with you inviting her out for a coffee, lunch, or dinner.

Remember the art of charm in dating and to smile and enjoy!

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Selecting an on-line dating service

Selecting an on-line dating service

How do I determine which on-line dating service is best for me.  There are hundreds of dating sites so you might post your profile on, Yahoo personals and a smaller more local website that contains people only closer to you.  Rather than focus on just one online service, consider signing up and having your profile listed on at least three sites.   Check into each website to determine if the site is free, or do you pay a monthly or  membership fee, or if you pay for each individual contact name. If you are serious about finding a date or a future relationship, it is highly suggested that you take your time and fill out your profile honestly so you will have a better chance for finding a successful match.        .

Some suggestions

I would suggest you consider as one of your choices.  The are a number of other choices in online dating services or websites including, yahoo personals,,, and  There are also a number of sites that focus on a niche dating market including some directed to Christian singles, and to name just a few.  Depending on your dating interest and personal background, it might be appropriate for you to focus, in part, on a niche dating site.  Best of luck in your search using an onlnie dating service.

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